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Is La Cote Mystic opened year round?

Yes, we are open year round. We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.



Is La Cote Mystic the same as WH2O?

WH2O is our seasonal store in Watch Hill, RI. We many of the same items but more health and wellness products in our Mystic location. Please feel free to reach out for any items not listed on the website that comes from our sister store, WH2O.



Is your other store, WH2O, open year round? 

No, WH2O is seasonal. We are open from late April until Thanksgiving weekend. However, our second store location La Cote Mystic is open year round and can help you with any purchases and/or questions about merchandise at WH2O.



What does La Cote Mystic mean?

La Cote means, the Coast, in French. So our store name means Mystic Coast.



What does WH2O stand for?

WH2O stands for Watch Hill Water, WH the abbreviation for Watch Hill and H2O the chemical sign for water. Our store is located right across from the Watch Hill Harbor.



Where is Watch Hill, RI.?

Watch Hill is a neighborhood of the town of Westerly, RI. When sending mail or returns please list Westerly, RI 02891 as the mailing city.



Do we sell the same items as La Cote Mystic our other store?

Yes there are some items that crossover in both stores however WH2O has more on Art and Oddities and La Cote Mystic has more Health and Wellness products although both stores sell fine Jewelry, Accessories, Wellness products, Art, Home Decor and gifts.



Is your business associated with the Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill, RI.?

Georgia Jones, the owner, is the daughter of the owners of the Olympia Tea Room and spends much of her time there in the high season. For more information on Olympia Tea Room please visit



Returns on Jewelry and Wellness Products Policy?

Due to COVID-19 any jewelry and/or wellness products i.e. soaps, moisturizers, lotions, serums, sponges, pumice, oils etc. are not subject to return. We strive to provide a safe environment for our staff and customers and these merchandise items are not subject for return.